Ideas for Foot Tattoos

foot - feet -  tattoosInspirational Words

If you have a type A personality and a highly motivated person, you should have foot tattoos that have a wise saying or inspirational quote on your foot. For example, if you are a self-employed barber, have the tattoo artist write a sentence that expresses your work philosophy. Or if you work with young children, you can have a tattoo on your foot that best describes your concern for the children you work with. Other ideas include words your mother used to say, quote from an ancient philosopher or a famous line from a well-known business leader.

Sports Theme

For sports fans, foot tattoos that express your passion for a certain type of sport is a good choice. For example, if you follow the NBA regularly, you can have a large image of a basketball net and ball on the front of your foot. If you play tennis at college, you can have the tattoo artist place an image of your favorite tennis star near your toes. Other ideas include a golf club, football jersey, and an image of a tennis shoe.

Radio Station Theme

If you are a disc jockey, you can celebrate your career with a foot tattoo of a turntable on the front of your feet or tiny images of microphones on each of your toes. For disc jockeys who specialize in hip-hop music, you can have the tattoo artist engrave an image of your favorite rapper on your foot. If you play mostly classical music, an image of Beethoven on your big toe is a good idea. Other ideas include tiny vinyl record images, album cover images and images of your control board.


Foot tattos are an excellent way to express your creativity and style in a unique way. Before you request a tattoo it would be a good idea to sketch out your idea on paper and bring it to the tattoo artist so he will have an idea of what you want. Also be open to his suggestions, especially if he has known you as his customer for many years and knows your personality and preferences. Avoid placing tattoos on your upper chest area, face and front part of your neck if you work in a conservative work environment. Finally, maintain the tattoo by having it touched up every few months.

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